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Junior Doctor

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Junior Doctor has captivated Space Coast crowds for years with their roaring guitar lines, pounding rhythmic sequences and energetic live shows. The power-pop quartet, consisting of Mark Hartman (lead singer and rhythm guitars), Jarrod Kearney (drums), Richard Peidro (bass), & Terrence Donnelly (guitar), were once medical students who, against parental wishes and all reason, chose to harness the musical chemistry they have together. 

My Story

With the single “Uh Oh” already climbing the charts and a video that is playing all over the country, Florida-based pop rockers Junior Doctor announce the national release of CLUMSY WORDS AND BAD PICKUP LINES on April 10, 2012.

The Junior Doctor laboratory was full of production talent, and instead of working with just one person, the band experimented with heavy talent for CLUMSY WORDS. They first entered the studio with Matt Goldman (Cartel, Underoath, Anberlin), and followed those sessions with a significant production and mixing contribution by Executive Producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount (All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Go Radio). The album was rounded out with work by Ethan Mentzer (The Click Five) and Todd Wright (Getaway Car). The result of the 9-month collaboration is a CD that stays true to the punk/rock roots that made Junior Doctor popular, with an added kick of catchy hooks and melodies.

Mark Hartman says the CD is mostly a collection of mostly-true punk pop love songs, but it’s not just about romance. Recounting the sensation of having someone take your breath away and leave you unable to find the right words, he explains, “Uh Oh” is a meaningful because it is about that happy first love vibe,” and “Not Now” was inspired by the same person, though “it was hypothetical. I was afraid that it would really play out this way, with timing never being quite right. Luckily it didn’t.” But there are more introspective tracks as well. The orchestral and lovely “Beautiful and Blind” was a gift to Hartman’s cousin upon her awaking from a crash-induced, near-fatal coma. “She had to rebuild her life, and this song was meant to give her a push while doing that.” And the newer inclusions to CLUMSY WORDS are the result of being on the road for a year, enjoying positive recognition, but also experiencing the challenges of the music industry. “Mirror Mirror” is particularly personal to Hartman. “Pursuing anything you care about requires sacrifice, and requiring the people who care about and support me to make sacrifices as well. The song is asking if I’m ok with that, if I’m ok with who I’ve become in the process.”

In advance of the release of CLUMSY WORDS, the band released a video for “Uh Oh” which stars Cassie Steele from “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” They’ve been on tour with Sister Hazel, Freshman 15, and have performed at schools across the south and east U.S.

CLUMSY WORDS AND BAD PICKUP LINES will be available at digital retailers on April 10, 2012 via Toucan Cove/Universal. For more information, please visit

Toucan Cove Entertainment, LLC is manufactured and marketed by Universal Republic, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Toucan Cove Entertainment is home to a beloved and diverse roster of artists in genres from pop and rock, hip hop and Americana to Celtic and electronic. More information can be found at



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