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INTERVIEW: Mikey Wax on 'This Kind Of Love'

Mikey Wax has been a name on the music scene for more than a decade and, over the years, has had his music featured in hit TV shows, including The Ghost Whisperer and Pretty Little Liars, as well as in NBC's coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics. A talented instrumentalist, he's toured with artists including Rachel Platten and Tyler Hilton and recently signed a new album deal, marking the start of an exciting new chapter in his artistic career.

That new chapter is off to a strong start with the release of his latest single, "This Kind Of Love", which Mikey shares: "…was an idea I started in 2017, and it originally had an 80s/Steve Winwood vibe to it. Over the last few years, as I was developing my next album, it was a song I always came back to, but it stuck out like a sore thumb with the 80s production."

The song has also been on quite a journey to make it to release, as he explains: "This past year I signed an album deal with Toucan Cove/Universal, and as I began delivering songs, it almost didn't make the album because it sounded so different. But I believed in the melody and felt it was worth trying a few different things to give it a more modern feel. After some trial and error, we eventually got it sounding right, and the label realized that not only should it be on the album, it should be the first single we release!"

What made you think "This Kind Of Love" was the right choice for your next single?

I think the timing of heading into summer made this track feel like an appropriate first single for the upcoming album. The production is very summery, and the lyrics talk about the ups and downs of a fast-paced summer romance.

Is there a story or particular meaning to/behind it?

For this song, I dove into my past and remembered the feelings of infatuation and the intense highs and lows that come along with that.

How would you say this track showcases your continual evolution as an artist?

I think sonically, where my vocal sits with the production, it all feels more natural to me, like the two are speaking to each other.

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